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RevOps Therapy Podcast

DC Hustle to Denver Outdoors with Sonja Hinish

This episode is a little different; it’s not about marketing, sales, or SEPs. It’s about life. Sonja Hinish, Senior Associate at BC&E, LLC knows a thing or two about career change; work/life balance; hustle; and most importantly, resilience.
RevOps Therapy Podcast

Sales Reimagined, with Brian Court

Brian Court, Director of Global Sales at DHD, argues that everyone is in sales, and that understanding this will help your sales reps be more empathetic, more helpful, and to close better deals.
RevOps Therapy Podcast

The Importance of Pause with Ryan Zadrazil

Two outspoken mental health advocates: RevOps Therapist Erika Davis, and Ryan Zadrazil, Co-founder of Pause, share their experiences with and in the mental health field and offer suggestions for avoiding burnout in business.
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