Case Study

Personalization at Scale

Greaser Consulting created a new sales messaging strategy to increase prospect engagement and generate more pipeline.

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  • 500+
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Project Goals

  • Create sequences to align with a new go-to-market messaging strategy
  • Improve SDR efficiency, increasing account coverage
  • Utilize automations to personalize messaging at scale
  • Increase “speed to lead” for inbound responses

Key Outcomes

  • After 6 months, booked an additional 258 meetings, worth over $8M in net new pipeline
  • Increased prospects in sequence, positive reply rates, and referrals
  • Decreased unsubscribes by 10%
  • Decreased inbound response time to leads coming in from chatbot from 25 hours to 7 minutes

“The team was thorough in their understanding of our messaging, consultative in their approach and process, flexible to our specific needs, and very professional with their communication and delivery.”

Conversational marketing leader undergoes a sales messaging transformation

Our client’s Head of Sales Development came to Greaser Consulting for help transforming their sales messaging strategy.

In addition to aligning sequences with a new overall messaging strategy, she explains, “One of our goals was to improve the efficiency of our process so that SDRs could improve their account coverage.”

This included introducing personalization at scale for outbound messaging and reducing response time for inbound leads.

Greaser launched a rep-focused discovery process to understand the SDR team’s needs and how they would use the new sequences.

The client shares this about the collaborative process: “The team was thorough in their understanding of our messaging, consultative in their approach and process, flexible to our specific needs, and very professional with their communication and delivery.”

Creating a new sales messaging library

Greaser Consulting created nine total sequences, including five outbound and four inbound sales plays.

The outbound library featured messaging for both SDRs and AEs, with each targeting a key persona.

These sequences leveraged automation to achieve personalization at scale, which empowered their team “to increase the number of prospects active in sequence, while maintaining positive sentiment, increasing reply rates, decreasing unsubscribes, and gaining more referrals.”

For inbound, “the new sequences helped us move from a 25-hour response time to inbound leads (after an initial interaction with a chatbot) to about 7 minutes on average.”

As a leader in conversational marketing, offering a platform that facilitates instant responses, 24/7, a rapid reply to sales inquiries coming in from their chatbots is essential to their brand and identity.

After 90 days using the new messaging library, the client reported that, “we saw a jump in all of the KPIs we measured for success.”

Celebrating success

As a sales team, all of the other KPIs matter in-so-far as they lead to the ultimate goal: revenue growth.

Personalization at Scale - Case Study Results

Strong sales messaging supports those KPIs that make revenue growth possible.

And while those results are not instantaneous, as teams have to send a critical volume through new sequences, positive changes in reply rates and sentiment lead to more business.

In a 6-month period, increases in positive replies led to an additional 258 meetings.

From those meetings, our client’s team generated $8M+ in net new pipeline.

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