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Guided by our founder, an early employee at one of the companies that created sales execution, we’ve brought together a unique team, made up of an eclectic crew with knowledge and experience in the sales execution space and beyond. We’re passionate about helping revenue leaders who want to confidently engage their markets and produce revenue more efficiently.

Meet the Leadership Team

Jordan Greaser


Jordan joined Outreach as employee #36 and was Outreach’s first sales development leader. He was responsible for running the top of the funnel strategy, training every new rep and SDR manager on the Outreach platform and sales process, and administering the Outreach system for Outreach’s sales org from Series A – D funding rounds. He was then asked to help launch Outreach’s education team, becoming Outreach’s first customer-facing trainer.

Since launching Greaser Consulting in 2018, he and his electric team have been helping companies enhance their revenue and refine their sales playbooks.

Dakota Biddle

Dakota Biddle

HR Manager

Dakota was hired as the second full-time employee at Greaser Consulting. He started as a Project Manager and got promoted to HR Lead, and he is now responsible for all things “people” at Greaser.

He was Outreach’s first intern and then became their 88th hire as an SDR. Currently, Dakota holds a Bachelor’s in Organization Leadership and a Master’s in Human Resources and Employment Relations. Outside of work, he loves spending time with his family and enjoying the great outdoors.

Derek Vaughn

General Manager

Hired as the first W2 technical consultant for Greaser Consulting, Derek has worked with the majority of our clients to optimize their sales execution platforms, fulfilling the responsibilities of the statements of work while cultivating relationships with his clients.  He now oversees our consultants and works with all clients, building relationships while helping them see success.

Outside of work, Derek spends most of his time raising two wonderful children with his wife, Rachel.  When not playing dad or consultant, Derek enjoys staying active by playing hockey, basketball, snowboarding, and participating in other sports.

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