Case Study

Enterprise Client: Sales Messaging Program

Greaser sequences and a strategy overhaul have resulted in 500% more meetings booked.

  • Marketing Valuation $700M+
  • Recently Acquired by Meta
  • Software Development

Project Overview

  • Greaser Consulting is providing services under a third statement of work (SOW), with each building on the last.
  • Greaser Consulting and the client are building a sales messaging program, which includes both a new sequence library (20+ new sequences) and ongoing strategic consulting.
  • Greaser Consulting has focused strategic consulting on speed-to-lead and other gains in efficiency and responsiveness to prospective customers.

Ongoing Progress

  • Following Greaser’s initial strategic consulting and sequence build-out, the client saw the following results:
    500% more meetings
    1.5% more clicks
    and 3.4% higher open rates.
  • Greaser is helping the client to build a sales messaging program, including enablement and documentation projects.
  • Greaser and the client are building a messaging structure, with clear naming conventions and direction putting prospects into the right sequences.

About Greaser

Every astronaut needs a Houston. We’re Houston for Sales Execution.

But Houston isn’t one person you call when you have a problem.  Houston is a team of individuals, experts in their own subjects, ready to come together and find not just a solution to your problem, but find the best solution.

Greaser Consulting is a unique team, made up of an eclectic crew with knowledge and experience in the sales execution space and beyond.  We’re Houston for revenue leaders who want to confidently engage their markets and produce revenue more efficiently.