The health of your SEP impacts revenue.

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Competitive teams prioritize audits.

Most revenue leaders know their sales execution programs could be better, but sometimes auditing performance isn’t their highest priority.

Until they learn the truth.

An underperforming SEP may be the reason a team isn’t booking meetings, hitting quota, and making $.

Could your team make more $?

Many teams could be selling a whole lot more, but they’re missing opportunities (often without knowing it) by making avoidable mistakes.

Without a third-party expert, it’s tough to find and fix the problems that are hurting your bottom line.

“Greaser’s audit is a slam dunk.”

“Greaser’s consultants are pros, and they guided us through the decisions we could make, based on experiences with many past clients. We learned things we couldn’t have discovered from any other source, and we receive faster and more reliable responses to our questions than we could have expected. 

Greaser’s audit is a slam dunk and a solid justification for a longer term engagement. If we had had hesitations about working with Greaser Consulting, the experience we’ve had with our audit would have removed any doubts.”

Flexible audits or “well visits” for every revenue team

Our boutique team of experts has been working with sales execution platforms since they were invented, and a Greaser team audit is one of the best investments you can make into your revenue org.

You can choose to focus on your sales messaging or content, technical systems, or to examine both through a comprehensive audit. Our competitive packages begin at $2,500.00.

You will walk away with a robust document of findings, recommendations, and best practices. You can then execute on those in-house, or hire us for ongoing support, consultation, or hands-on work alongside your team.

Want to learn more about what goes into an audit?