Sales Enablement

Don’t forget that your sales technology and processes are only valuable if your people use them.

It’s tempting to invest in sales technology and processes and forget that neither will work unless your people know how–and are motivated–to use them.

That’s where enablement comes in. Sales enablement means more than training; it includes all of the resources, information, tools, and training your sales team needs to execute with excellence. 

This isn’t a “one and done” task. Enablement is an ongoing process, involving frequent updates, documentation, clear and evolving roles and responsibilities, refresher training, and a lot of two-way feedback. 

When teams don’t invest enough in enablement, they often face problems like:

  • Low adoption
    If your team doesn’t know how to use your tools or processes, or they don’t know why they exist, then they won’t use them.
  • Inconsistency
    It’s not enough for a few people–or a few teams–to use your tools and processes. You can’t measure or scale workflows that are inconsistently adopted.
  • Limited visibility
    When your team isn’t using your sales execution platform, you have very limited visibility into what they’re doing and how they’re spending their time.

We empower revenue leaders to put the right people in the right seats, give them the knowledge and motivation they need, and scale the most successful strategies, tools, and processes.

Our Results

Messaging Strategy Results

Greaser helped a SAAS giant to grow their sales execution program by:

  • Establishing and documenting a clear content creation process
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities
  • Championing highest-valued new roles, leading to new staff
  • Recommending improvements to internal Outreach training and content organization

How does a sales enablement project work?

Sales Enablement Process

While refresher training is almost always valuable, your focus should be on identifying the gaps which are currently causing the biggest problems.

These gaps may be practical and functional, like learning how to use the scheduling capabilities within your sales execution platform, or philosophical, like establishing why sales execution is valuable for their roles.

Once you’ve identified your biggest gaps, you can create clear goals for the next 30 to 90 days and beyond.

We will help you put together an enablement strategy, which prioritizes the tactics that will yield the best results for your team’s context.

We may clarify roles and responsibilities and then document the processes each role type needs to succeed, teach the benefits of sales execution, create a transition and incentive plan to reward adoption, or train on specific workflows reps need to succeed at scale.

No matter the emphasis, we’ll help you create a plan for who and what you need to equip your team for success.

It’s no secret that turnover is expensive, but it’s costliest when teams haven’t taken the time to document everything they can. When that key person leaves, they take with them whatever knowledge they haven’t recorded for others.

That’s why we help teams with a wide range of documentation projects that cover everything from sales execution system administration to content creation best practices.

If you have a process you depend on, we can create a playbook for training and continuously informing your team to use it.

The effect of a one-time launch training lasts about as long as a mouthful of cotton candy.

Adult education requires consistent, hands-on learning that challenges participants to apply what they are learning and frequently refresh their knowledge.

That’s why your enablement specialist(s) should communicate regularly about system updates or new resources, train and retrain on key functions, offer supplemental training, refresh training materials often, and vary delivery methods.

For instance, present some training live and pre-record other sessions. Document critical workflows in print, but also use video. Play to different learning styles, and never stop educating and challenging your team.

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