Case Study

Successful Enterprise Outreach Launch

Greaser Consultants helped an online learning giant to onboard and launch a healthy sales execution program.

  • Six Acquisitions
  • IPO in 2021
  • SAAS

Project Goals

  • Work with seasoned account executives to translate years of sales experience to a digital environment
  • Collaborate with Outreach to implement the program
  • Provide supplemental enablement support
  • Create a starting library of sequences for immediate use
  • Write additional sequences for an acquired company

Key Outcomes

  • The client wanted to include reps in their strategic and content development, but they didn’t have the internal capacity. Greaser filled in that gap, engaging users and facilitating a shared vision for how they would use the tool.
  • A full content library was ready to go, when the client launched their SEP.
  • Account executives and sales leaders were bought in from day one.

Online learning leader moves to a digital sales process

Though a few of the client’s sales teams had prior experience with sales execution platforms (SEPs), a majority of their sales organization was new to SEPs.

And, like many growing teams, they didn’t yet have a well- defined strategy to guide the messaging they needed to populate an SEP.

So when they were ready to launch Outreach across teams in NAM, ANZ, and EMEA, Greaser Consulting collaborated with Outreach to support a comprehensive onboarding.

Greaser Consulting offered supplemental, detailed enablement support and a full messaging library buildout.

The primary goal was to facilitate a successful launch, with:

  1. a team ready to embrace the tool, and
  2. an actionable library of sequences that the team would know how to use from day one.

Greaser collaborated with seasoned AEs

Though some companies struggle to motivate veteran sales team members to embrace
new technology and processes, the client targeted mostly account executives for the Outreach onboarding.

Our consultants worked alongside AEs who had been with the company for many years, but they weren’t yet familiar with sales automation.

They were very open, eager to use a tool that would scale their workflows and take away the burden of writing every email manually.

This primary pain point motivated both Greaser’s library buildout and strategic enablement plan.

Greaser created and uploaded 50 sequences

When our strategists begin any library buildout project, they conduct detailed discovery to learn about specific regions, product lines, levels of personalization, personas, and other factors that influence the best use of available sequences.

Greaser and the client entered into this discovery process and ultimately decided on 50 sequences, including outbound prospecting, cross sell, and nurture use cases.

These 50 sequences came from a set of core salesplays, which were adapted to suit different industries, teams, solutions, tiers, timezones, regions, and personas.

Our consultants plugged these sequences into their Outreach instance, ensuring they were ready to use when the platform launched.

Mid-way through the engagement, a subsidiary also requested our support rolling out Outreach.

Our team built out an additional 20 sequences for the subsidiary, facilitating a shared sales messaging strategy.

An enablement strategy to fuel success

Killer sequences are only valuable if they’re used, and that only happens if sales leaders invest enablement resources to prepare their teams for success.

The client understood this, hiring Greaser to offer customized enablement services to train their salespeople.

A Greaser content enablement specialist created a one-pager and pre-recorded sessions to supplement live training on their new content library.

The training covered what sequences were created, how to leverage them, how and where to find them, how to “favorite” that content for easy access, what naming conventions to search for, and why each sequence was created.

To support adoption and facilitate a shared understanding, managers participated in these trainings with their teams.

When combined with Outreach’s successful onboarding and general platform trainings, these content enablement sessions resulted in enthusiastic adoption of the new messaging library.

Preparing for continued growth

During the engagement, the client went public, and they have since continued to grow with additional acquisitions.

Greaser’s and Outreach’s collaborative onboarding support has helped to prepare their revenue organization to embrace ongoing expansion, change, and transformation.

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