Sales Technology

Every growing revenue org needs a plan for implementing and optimizing technology.

Without a plan to administer your sales execution platform (SEP), you’re not going to see the return on investment you were expecting when you purchased it.

When teams can’t provide the technical support their SEPs need, performance gaps often show up in these areas:

  • Automation
    Your sales reps are either doing too many manual tasks or automating too much, losing opportunities for personal touches.
  • Integration
    Your sales and marketing teams are using different tools, and data is not flowing seamlessly between them.
  • Alignment
    Your technology is not configured to align with reps’ actual workflows. It’s not a natural next step; it’s just more work.

We help revenue teams get the highest possible return on their investment into sales execution by taking their tools and turning them into an integrated technology strategy that multiplies their sales team’s effort and conversions.

Our Results

Messaging Strategy Results

In 6 months, a conversational marketing client booked an additional 258 meetings and generated $8M+ in net new pipeline.

  • Decreased inbound response time from 25 hours to 7 minutes
  • Introduced personalization at scale to increase the number of prospects active in sequence
  • Created new sequences that scaled best practices

How does a sales technology engagement work?

Sales Technology Engagement Process

No tool is a strategy; your people are always going to be in the driver’s seat. We will interview your reps to understand how we should make your sales technology work for them

If you already have a sales execution program, then that discovery will happen within the context of a technical audit, which evaluates your existing setup.

If you’re implementing a sales execution platform for the first time, then we will take what we learn from your users and managers to customize your platform for your workflow and use case.

If your data, tools, and processes aren’t talking to each other, then your reps are going to miss vital information and opportunities.

That’s why we help teams with full implementations (setting up your sales execution platform for the first time), specific data migration projects, focused integrations with your customer relationship management system (CRM), and custom reporting dashboards that bring data from multiple sources into one view.

Once we have optimized your sales execution platform, we can help your team with a variety of documentation projects aimed at guiding administrators, recording workflows for reps, and educating sales managers.

We also offer “train the trainer” sessions for sales enablement professionals, administrator training, manager training, and end-user or team training.

A successful sales execution program relies upon continuous administration. Some teams have the capacity to handle this in-house and just need a training boost to get there. Others need external resources to administer the platform for them. 

We can step in as a part of your team, managing your sales execution platform for you, or we can teach you to establish troubleshooting, spring cleaning, and data hygiene practices to keep your platform (and your reps) humming.

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