Sales Messaging Strategy

Every effective sales team needs a clear messaging strategy.

Without a clear messaging strategy, your sales team may be underperforming in these areas:

  • Messaging adoption
    Your sales representatives ignore the messaging you’ve given them (or not given them) and do their own thing.
  • Conversions
    Your reps burn through a high number of prospects just to get a small number to respond or take a meeting.
  • Visibility and predictability
    If you don’t know what your reps are doing, or what’s working, you can’t make informed decisions.

We turn sales team performance around by implementing a clear sales messaging strategy that clarifies your sales messages and the processes that ensure their efficient creation, delivery, and measurement.

Our Results

Messaging Strategy Results

With Greaser sequences and a messaging strategy overhaul, an enterprise client saw:

  • 500% more meetings
  • 1.5% more clicks
  • 3.4% higher open rates

How does a sales messaging strategy engagement work?

Sales Messaging Process

We involve as many sales reps in the discovery phase as we can; they’re the closest to–and have the best insights about–the roots of your biggest problems. That’s why we talk to them early and often.

Most teams start with one of three types of messaging audits:

  • Sales strategy audit: Focuses on your messaging creation and management process.
  • Messaging performance audit: Narrows in on the metrics that show how well your messages are converting and why.
  • Comprehensive audit: Covers both, looking at every aspect of your sales messaging program.

Then we move onto rep-focused discovery conversations to understand the current state of your sales messaging program.

If your team’s goal is to create or add to your messaging library, then we work with your reps to identify the highest priority sequences or cadences to create, the best content to include, and the right way to phrase the messages.

Alternatively, if your goal is to improve your own messaging creation, we pinpoint a focus area for our sequence or cadence coaching. 

The outcome of either is a collaborative process to develop your team’s version of a “good” sales message.

Once we have a new set of sequences or cadences to load into your sales execution platform, it’s time to flip them “on.” 

We will typically work with you to identify priority A/B tests and key metrics to monitor, as your reps begin heavily using your new messages.

Together, we’ll watch what’s working, iterate, and then identify the new “laws” and best practices that should guide your ongoing sales messaging program.

The most successful sales messaging projects conclude in a documentation project, which records your newly discovered and confirmed best practices. Good documentation answers questions like:

  • What sequences or cadences should I use when? Why?
  • How should I write my own sequence, cadence, or sales email?
  • How much time and research should I put into engaging specific personas?
  • What does good personalization look like?

We can also help you train your team to adopt your new messaging library and best practices. The more you can do to encourage use and experimentation, the better your results will be.

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“After several months into our use of Outreach, we engaged Greaser to assist in writing vertical specific sequences that proved to increase response rates and ultimately increased our booked meetings. Greaser is a one stop partner when it comes to Outreach – they have expertise not only around the deployment of the platform but also in build messaging and sequences that engages the target audience and ultimately produces meetings.”

— Director of Channel Sales


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