Case Study

BlueJeans: Sales Execution Program

Greaser Consulting and BlueJeans built a sales execution program and drove user adoption, before and after an acquisition and rebrand.

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BlueJeans by Verizon

Project Focus

  • Create, maintain, and grow a sales execution program.
  • Build an outbound sales strategy by co-creating a library of sequences to increase efficiency, volume, and speed to lead.
  • Guide the team through change management, following an acquisition and rebrand.

Key Outcomes

  • 2.5x increase in pipeline generation with Greaser sequences
  • Decreased inbound time- to-contact to less than 5 minutes
  • Increased rep efficiency and outreach volume
  • Adapted current SEP and strategy to suit evolving needs

“[Greaser Consulting] played a major role in aiding and defining our inbound and outbound sales methodology … [We] saw a 3X increase in response rates and 2X pipeline build with less time and effort than our internal plays from the same category.”

A modern workplace conferencing system in need of the latest sales strategies

As the former Director of Sales and Operations at BlueJeans by Verizon, Suriel Lopez was looking to update the company’s sales strategies to reflect their product’s modern platform.

BlueJeans’ sales reps were spending a lot of time on manual tasks, taking away from their time spent selling, and adding delays to their inbound response time. This left them with limited capacity to build an outbound sales strategy.

In 2018, Lopez turned to Greaser Consulting to optimize the company’s sales potential, stay ahead of the competition, and build a sustainable sales execution program.

Creating a program

Strong sales execution programs have four elements: technology, messaging, enablement, and change management.

Greaser Consulting focused initially on messaging and technology, creating a foundation of sequences that suited the team’s goals and existing workflow.

The sales team was heavily involved in helping to create the sequences, which naturally facilitated change management and encouraged openness to new strategies.

The starting sequence library created new plays for both inbound and outbound sales opportunities, streamlining reps’ efforts and the prospect experience.

Lopez described Greaser Consulting’s work as [playing] “a major role in aiding and defining our inbound and outbound sales methodology.”

The new outbound strategy, in his words, “saw a 3X increase in response rates and 2X pipeline build with less time and effort than our internal plays from the same category.”

And, he added, the inbound response time decreased from hours or days to “less than five minutes every time,” increasing the average response rate by 71% and “saving countless hours of time per week, per rep.”

The time saved not only boosted productivity, but it also created the space and motivation for reps to learn and internalize the new processes.

Weathering change

Greaser Consulting has since remained on board with BlueJeans, offering a permanent consultant who sits on their team and owns technical administration for the SEP.

The consultant has helped drive high adoption across the sales team, even in seasons of significant change.

Like when Verizon acquired BlueJeans at the height of the pandemic, in the spring of 2020.

With new leadership, and an evolving global context, many teams would have uprooted their programs.

Greaser Consulting helped all stakeholders to see the value of their existing sales execution program and demonstrated how it could adapt to suit new plans and priorities.

Today, BlueJeans by Verizon continues to rely on Greaser to support their evolving sales execution program and outbound strategy.

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