Case Study

Content Strategy and Process Buildout

“We want to be a repeat customer. We found value in what you did, and we think you can help us in the future.”
— Senior Director, Global Channels Marketing and Enablement

  • Global SAAS Leader
  • 15,000+
  • Software

Project Goals

  • Create a content strategy playbook, including best practices for roles and responsibilities and content creation, organization, and quality.
  • Audit and support Outreach enablement.
  • Advise on the best structure for a content supply chain (a process for creating content).
  • Make recommendations for adding and allocating additional headcount to support the SEP program.

Key Outcomes

  • Recommended a governance structure to support a RevOps strategy.
  • Designed a content supply chain (or content creation process) model involving sales, marketing, enablement, and operations.
  • Created a content creation guide, including best practices and quality assurance protocols, and a library of sample content.

“Greaser did a nice job outlining roles and responsibilities, defining what they were, defining gaps in headcount, and showing examples of other customers.”

Enterprise SAAS leader seeks recommendations to expand their sales execution program

An enterprise client’s global demand generation organization had been a lean, mean revenue machine, with only a few people supporting a complex, global sales execution program.

While those people were (and are) extremely talented, continuous organizational growth necessitated more resources.

They wanted to add personnel and formalize scaleable processes to ensure ongoing quality, strong content creation, and Outreach administration.

But with the rapid evolution of sales automation technology, and the complexity of resourcing conversations in any enterprise of our client’s scale, they needed third- party expertise to facilitate a shared understanding.

They sought counsel from several consulting firms, one of which was Greaser Consulting.

Greaser partnered to discover, recommend, and champion a plan for additional headcount, robust content creation processes, and ongoing enablement to ensure those best practices are followed across a large, complex enterprise.

Greaser involved end users in every step of the engagement

Greaser consultants worked with leadership, managers, and end users (sales representatives), in every step of the project, beginning with a series of interviews.

This collaboration was key, not only to Greaser, but also to the client.

The client’s Senior Director for Global Channels Marketing and Enablement, explained that rep involvement is “absolutely the most important thing. […] If sales people don’t feel like they have a say, feel like they are being told how to do their jobs from on high, or don’t have autonomy in their roles, but they are responsible for hitting a quota goal, then we won’t get adoption.”

Once reps bought in, Greaser consultants conducted technical and content audits of their Outreach instance.

The findings informed a series of recommendations for the path forward.

Improving standard operating procedures

Our client wanted a reference point for building a sustainable sales execution and RevOps capability.

Greaser recommended a governance structure, including a needs and gaps assessment to guide the team’s growth.

These reinforcements and recommendations came at a critical time, as the client was undergoing a “transformation from sales operations in silos to revenue operations,” and Greaser’s contributions played a key part in that evolution.

In the client’s words, “We’ve incorporated a lot of your recommendations into our standard [enablement and platform administration] processes today…We are always referencing that baseline of how we operate with [our sales execution platform] at [our company].”

Restructuring content creation

One of Greaser’s greatest contributions to their team was to offer a set of recommendations around a new content supply chain, or a content creation process which includes governance (example: when and how to sunset and refresh content), quality assurance steps, and roles and responsibilities for key contributors.

The client reflected that, “Greaser did a nice job outlining roles and responsibilities, defining what they were, defining gaps in headcount, and showing examples of other customers.”

These deliverables were valuable in bringing about cross-departmental alignment at the leadership level. As a result of that alignment, the demand generation team was able to secure additional headcount and resources.

Greaser’s recommendations for the content supply chain have become embedded not only into their hiring model but also in their overall approach to content creation and rep involvement.

Ensuring ongoing content quality assurance

As their content management organization continues to grow and evolve, the client will utilize a Greaser-created content strategy playbook and creation guide.

The content creation guide includes more than 20 sample sequences that establish best practices for persona-specific, personalized messaging; inbound MQL sequences; and other business-critical sales plays.

It also documents best practices for everything from content organization to the role of snippets, guiding reps on writing and storing quality sales emails.

Prior to this deliverable, our client did not have a standardized procedure in place to facilitate quality content creation.

Ongoing results

Our client simultaneously engaged with two large consultancies who came in and verified Greaser’s recommendations.

This validation not only increased our client’s confidence in Greaser’s recommendations, but also affirms Greaser Consulting’s value for similar enterprises wishing to revolutionize their sales orgs to keep pace with a rapidly changing marketplace.

The engagement was also a success on a human level. The client explained that “it’s really important for my team to get to know the people they are working with…it’s not all work all the time. […] If the team didn’t enjoy working with Greaser and find rapport with the team, it wouldn’t have been as successful.”

As a result of the project’s success on both fronts, the client is engaging with Greaser to continue on their sales execution and revenue operations journey.

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