Sales Execution Services

Sales execution is an essential part of a revenue operations process, but many teams experience a failure to launch.

Here’s what’s happening:

Buyer expectations have changed, and revenue teams are playing catch up.  

Teams are moving to a revenue operations model because it drives the shared goals and processes they need to reach ambitious revenue targets. 

Sales execution is an essential part of a revenue operations model because it aligns operations, sales, marketing, success, and product behind key go-to-market initiatives.

This model prioritizes the customer experience as they move through your sales funnel.

But it’s not as easy as flipping a switch. 

Teams new to sales execution make the mistake of:

  • Treating sales execution like a project rather than a program that requires ongoing management and continuous improvement.
  • Not including the appropriate stakeholders in key decision making processes.
  • Failing to adequately capture the business value in an effective sales execution strategy in order to secure funding for it.

A sales execution program requires:

  • A plan for tech implementation and optimization 
  • Messaging that aligns all departments
  • Ongoing training that involves managers and end users
  • A comprehensive change management strategy at a leadership level

Feeling stuck with your own sales execution program?

How We Help

1. Sales Technology

Your growing revenue org needs a plan for implementing and optimizing your technology. But if you’re like many busy teams, this is one aspect of someone’s role rather than a central focus.

The Sales Execution Platform is the center of the universe for a sales execution program, but it’s not the only tool we consider.

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2. Messaging Strategy

Your offering doesn’t sell itself. Your messaging sells it.

But as many teams transition to a revenue operations model, they want a pathway to connect sales and marketing for a more effective execution strategy.

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3. Sales Enablement

Your revenue org moves quickly.

An agile enablement program iterates at the pace of that change, equipping sales reps to adopt the latest and greatest resources, tools, and messages.

Without it, reps are left behind, leading to low adoption rates, unclear metrics, inconsistent processes, and unpredictability.

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4. Change Management

The revenue operations model is quickly becoming the norm, but getting there isn’t always a smooth ride.

It’s no small task to align stakeholders from sales, marketing, operations, and product.

But that’s exactly what an effective sales execution program does.

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Want to see if a sales execution strategy can help you reach your revenue goals?

We’d be happy to talk to you.

“Our sales engagement system is humming along with our CRM and marketing automation and we are thrilled with the outcomes. We’ve been able to expand our sales team to 3x the size, which would have been very difficult without the critical infrastructure in place to support them.”

— Ali, Sealed

Who We Are

We call ourselves “sales execution natives” because many of us have been in this industry before it had a clear definition.

The center of our universe is the sales execution platform (Conquer, Outreach, Salesloft, Outplay, or Groove), and we help your team learn what the maturity model will look like at your organization.

Many teams purchase a sales execution platform and supporting tools without a plan to manage them well, enable their end users, glean reporting capabilities, and use the data to intelligently drive their revenue operations strategy. 

Whether you are evaluating platforms, wondering how to begin using one, or looking to have a team of experts audit your current use case, we’re here to be your mission control for sales execution.