Revenue Operations Job Descriptions (Ebook Download)

One of the easiest ways to transition to revenue operations is to assign responsibilities that promote alignment across your revenue org. These job descriptions are a guide for revenue leaders to begin positioning their growing teams for revops domination.
Revenue Operations Job Description Ebook Cover

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Lots of leaders want a Revenue Operations capability. The ones who succeed start with their people.

Let’s face it. Things tend to happen when people are paid to do them.

If you’re not sure why past attempts to transition to RevOps haven’t succeeded–or you’re planning your first try–then use this reality to your advantage.

It’s one thing to say, “folks, we’re going to align marketing and sales operations.” It’s another to change job descriptions and goals so that each supportive strategy is someone’s direct responsibility.

That’s why we’ve created these revenue operations job descriptions.

These job descriptions are your cheat sheet for creating a working revenue operations team.

Each can be its own role or a function, which is a related set of responsibilities that can be stacked on top of others to make up one person’s job.

What’s not important is whether one person owns each job or if one person owns six. Just make sure they’re all assigned, with clear expectations. Then look at your team structure to be sure everyone is adequately supported and encouraged to collaborate.

Download these job descriptions to put your people in the right seats on the space shuttle. When you say “blast off,” and it actually happens, you’ll be glad you did.