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Sales Engagement Functions: Content Manager

The content manager is the most crucial function in the content shop. Regardless, we see everyday that content shops don’t have a clear function designated to manage the content creation process. It’s very rare to see a clearly defined content manager so, if you don’t have that today, you’re not alone.
Greaser Consulting Resource

Sales Engagement Functions: Content Owner

Content owners are like quality assurance for your sales engagement platform. If there is no final approver for the content which goes into a sales engagement platform, then it’s hard for sales teams to measure what messaging works best and why. In addition, reps could be creating and sending low quality sequences or cadences to valuable prospects.
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Sales Engagement Functions: Technical Admin

Many teams have a designated Salesforce administrator, but they may not yet see the importance of having a designated technical admin function for a sales engagement platform. SEPs have a significant amount of potential to make sales teams more productive, but all of that depends on the platform being properly configured and fixed, as needed, to keep the trains running. The technical admin has to have the troubleshooting ability, and the understanding of the platform, needed to take responsibility for making this happen.
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Sales Engagement Functions: Technical Enablement

A good sales engagement platform is built on three things: sales strategy, good technology, and then lastly, really good content. But at the end of the day, those three things won’t matter if you don’t have a strong enablement function. Without it, you will spend hours building out those three pillars, and then nobody will adopt anything that you’ve created.
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