How to launch a cold calling program that doesn’t totally suck

How to launch a cold calling program that doesn’t totally suck

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Launching a Cold Calling Program that Doesn't Totally Suck

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Treat cold calling like a program.

Generations of sales leaders have trained their teams to cold call by tossing them into the deep end and wishing them luck. Learning “on the job” has been a way of sugar-coating a lack of support, training, and proper tools.

You need a cold calling program, or a framework for success. Your program needs:

  1. A structure
  2. A plan to reiterate
  3. A supportive environment for your reps

Don’t make it suck.

It’s no secret that sales representatives turn over frequently. One of the reasons is that, sometimes, the job just plain sucks.

If you want your sales org to be different, then your reps need to feel like they can survive in the role for longer than six months.

One of the best places to start is your team’s approach to cold calling.

With the right structure in place, your cold calling program can be motivating and rewarding.

Here’s how to “unsuck” cold calling.

  1. The right mindset
  2. The right script
  3. The right plan

Download this guide and learn how to provide your sales org with exactly what it needs to cold call with sanity, sustainability, and success.