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In the sales execution ecosystem, you need four elements to survive and thrive.

1. Sales Technology

Your growing revenue org needs a plan for implementing and optimizing your technology. But if you’re like many busy teams, this is one aspect of someone’s role rather than a central focus.

The Sales Execution Platform is the center of the universe for a sales execution program, but it’s not the only tool we consider.

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2. Messaging Strategy

Your offering doesn’t sell itself. Your messaging sells it.

But as many teams transition to a revenue operations model, they want a pathway to connect sales and marketing for a more effective execution strategy.

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3. Sales Enablement

Your revenue org moves quickly.

An agile enablement program iterates at the pace of that change, equipping sales reps to adopt the latest and greatest resources, tools, and messages.

Without it, reps are left behind, leading to low adoption rates, unclear metrics, inconsistent processes, and unpredictability.

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4. Change Management

The revenue operations model is quickly becoming the norm, but getting there isn’t always a smooth ride.

It’s no small task to align stakeholders from sales, marketing, operations, and product.

But that’s exactly what an effective sales execution program does.

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