Sales Process Audit

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Our audits answer questions like these:

  • Why aren’t reps adopting our sales automation platform and/or content?
  • Why aren’t our tools communicating?
  • How should our content supply chain, or content creation process, function?
  • What are the best practices which could help us get ahead?
  • Why aren’t our sales sequences or cadences performing?
  • Why aren’t my automations working?
  • Do we have the right people in the right roles to operate a successful sales engagement or RevOps shop?

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The audit experience has been great – it was very thorough in identifying where some of our gaps are and has been helpful in developing a plan to fix them. We’ve definitely seen an improvement in incorporating Outreach with our Inside Sales team. A lot of gaps using Outreach have been the result of our organizational structure/responsibilities, so having an independent evaluation has been key in driving best practices and developing a robust workflow.

– Jason, IsoPlexis

Sales Process Audit: Frequently Asked Questions

What are your audit packages?

We offer a comprehensive audit, which covers both technical systems and content, and we also offer specialized audits which focus on specific aspects of your sales engagement or RevOps org. Those specialized audits focus on optimizing your technology, assessing the performance of your content, or evaluating your content strategy and creation processes.

Would our team benefit from an audit?

We work with sales, sales engagement, marketing, and RevOps teams of any size.

We perform technical audits for any company which uses a sales engagement platform of some kind. For our content audits, we work with both teams who already have a sales engagement platform and those who are sending sales-related communications through other platforms.

How do you price audits?

We scope each audit to suit individual clients. For small and mid-sized businesses, we can offer a quote in our first call. For these clients, audits typically start between $1,250 and $1,500. All enterprise audits are customized to suit the client’s goals.