Building Your Sales Engagement Team

Introducing the functions you need on your sales team

Whether you are “unboxing” your first sales engagement platform, or you already have a fully operational sales engagement capability, we are here to help you leverage each astronaut on your flight crew and ensure that every critical component is assigned, managed, and executed.

Because this “space” (pun intended) is so new, many teams are building the shuttle as they fly, and they don’t yet have the sustainable infrastructure they need for long term growth. We are here to help.

Our experts have consulted on sales team structures and operations with clients ranging from small startups launching brand new sales capabilities to Fortune 100 enterprises. We have boiled down our lessons learned to share the core functions of successful sales engagement teams.

What are sales team functions?

Functions are not roles. They are sets of related responsibilities which must be assigned to ensure that each core piece of the strategy receives due attention and focus. On larger teams, each function may be owned by a single person. On smaller teams, multiple functions may be combined to form one role.

The resources that follow have been created to serve as your flight map for building, launching, and optimizing a sales engagement team capable of reaching infinity and beyond.

As you explore further, please feel free to reach out with your questions. We’re here to be your guides, contextualizing this expertise to suit your specific needs, from launch to landing.

Explore Sales Team Functions

Sales Engagement Functions: Technical Admin

Many teams have a designated Salesforce administrator, but they may not yet see the importance of having a designated technical admin function for a sales engagement platform. SEPs have a significant amount of potential to make sales teams more productive, but all of that depends on the platform being properly configured and fixed, as needed, to keep the trains running. The technical admin has to have the troubleshooting ability, and the understanding of the platform, needed to take responsibility for making this happen.

Sales Engagement Functions: Technical Enablement

A good sales engagement platform is built on three things: sales strategy, good technology, and then lastly, really good content. But at the end of the day, those three things won’t matter if you don’t have a strong enablement function. Without it, you will spend hours building out those three pillars, and then nobody will adopt anything that you’ve created.