Case Study

Sales Engagement Content Optimization

Greaser helped the client focus their content library, going from 7K to 200 live sequences.

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Project Overview

While the project is ongoing, these were the client’s initial needs:

  • More automation to reach personalization at scale
  • Establishing content organization and creation parameters (reps were all creating their own content, resulting in 7K active sequences)
  • Persona-based training and new, focused messaging
  • Technical and strategic support within Outreach, addressing sequence failures, high bounce rates, and high numbers of paused or pending prospects

Ongoing Progress

  • Greaser reduced their active sequences from 7,000 to 200
  • Average of 30% replies in two most highly used sequences in the Greaser-created library
  • Created content management structures that involve reps while assuring quality and organization
  • Content writers created 18 unique sequences promoting specific product functions and targeting individual personas
  • Made process improvements within Outreach and related tools, resulting in a cleaner and faster workflow

Technical and Process Improvements

Each of these metrics impacts both the prospect’s experience and the team’s progress toward their KPIs.

Greaser’s consultants were able to eliminate almost all technical and process errors, which were preventing reps from successfully engaging their prospects.

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